9 November 2012


Singapore is the most transient city I have ever lived in. People come and go. They breeze in. They breeze out.  

It is a rotating door. 

The reality of this hit me again today. Three friends of mine left the island this week. 

For good. 

One to go traveling before returning to Oz. To settle down. One to a new job in London. To a greener pasture. The other friend returned to their native Switzerland. To follow her heart. Their departures all leave a void. I feel an aching hollowness in the pit of my stomach. I will miss them a lot. 

I miss them already.

I go to farewell drinks often and I sometimes go to farewell dinners. I attend the odd farewell party. I go to more of these farewell functions than any other social event. Isn't that doleful? I find that the closer you are to people the sadder these celebrations are. There is often melancholy and at times despondency. People at farewell functions can be somber. 

They should be. 

We should be. 

The nicest people get the most tears. I always go though. To these farewell soirees. To shed my tears and to say my Adieus. I guess we shouldn't cry because it's over. We should instead smile because it happened. 

But it's not easy. 

This leaving thing.  

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