6 November 2012

Seoul - a sporadic thought

Seoul is strange. There is no doubt about it. In a mostly good way. 

The South Koreans work hard. They are industrious. 

They are serious. 

It is no wonder. 

Their aggressive Northern versions breathe down their neck. These enemies of the South are starving. Their leader is the latest in a dynasty of lunatics. 



The Koreans have weapons aimed at each other. Ready to go. The South Koreans have the right to be a bit ANXIOUS. 


The Koreans are by far the hardest drinkers I have ever encountered. They love getting HAMMERED. They take it very seriously. There is often much chanting and toasting before they slam them down. Korean whiskey. Fire Water. I have partaken of this before. It is hard core. 

It SLAYED me. 

It laid me to the floor.

RESPECT is titanic in Korea. It means a lot. HONOR in all aspects of life are practiced. It's a big thing. So the Koreans are very well mannered. 

Even when they're hammered.

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