18 November 2012

A walk down Orchard Road

I walked tonight down Orchard road
The place was really hopping
Twas full of sweaty tourists there
All doing Christmas shopping

I pushed my way through ION
Then I strolled to Wheelock Place
Where a fat man tried to grab me
So I kicked him in the face

No I didn't really kick him
Just in my mind I did
Such actions here in Singapore
They truly are forbid

Forbidden too is chewing gum
That does warrant prosecution
But spitting on the ground's OK
- As is prostitution

So anyway I battled on
To reach my destination
- A little bar in Paragon
To eat me some crustacean

The chili crab I ate was great
As was the chicken rice
These staple foods of Singapore
They're value at the price

Not so the cost of alcohol
The price is quite incredible
And have I mentioned Durian?
That fruit that is inedible

And so I walked myself back home
The crowds had not abated
But I wasn't bothered quite so much
For my appetite was now sated

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