26 November 2012

Duck Tongues

It is traditional in my workplace for those of us who travel regularly to bring back something edible from whence we go. The English delight us with their mini pork pies. They don't have a long shelf life but they are delicious. You have to get in quick though. The Northerners devour them. 

They eat everything and anything. 

The French bring bon bons and they are not too bad. We Australians bring back musk sticks. The English don't like these very much. They claim they taste like deodorant. The Irish usually bring some sort of chocolate with liqueur in them. The Irish are mad for alcohol and they eat and drink it as much as they can. The Malays and Chinese usually bring back some sort of dried fruits. They are not my cup of tea but they are popular amongst the locals.

I went to Hong Kong recently and asked for requests. Perhaps I requested for asks. I cannot recall. One of the Singaporean girls wanted me to bring back a couple of packets of duck tongues. She told me you could get them at the airport.

Duck tongues! I kid you not.

I sought them out and I found them. They sold in packets of 50 or 100 and they were packed in individual sachets. I opted for a packet of 50. When I got back to the office I handed them around. Inside each packet was a slimy little pink tongue. It looked like a tongue and it looked nasty. Very nasty. They are wrapped in a bit of grey gravy. 

It could be tongue juice. 

Most of us Westerners ate one. We did it as a bit of a dare. They were a tad crunchy for inside the tongue was a cartilage type bone. It wasn't too bad really. 

It tasted like concentrated duck. 

I am not going to have another one though. 

One was more than enough.

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