2 November 2012

Queuing for a bargain

If queuing were an Olympic sport then the Singaporeans would be Gold medalists. They would score maximum points for determination and for endurance. They practice perseverance with patience. Sundays are the worst as it is everyone's days off. Lingering and queuing in crushing crowds is a national past time.

It is madness and mayhem.

There is great order in the Singaporean queue. It is magnificent in its discipline and its control. It oozes Forbearance. 

There is complete composure. 

There are no ants in the pants for those in these concatenations.

I believe that this passion for queuing is born from the Singaporean desire to hunt for a bargain. No matter the cost. The duration of the wait is of no consequence. I have - with great admiration - witnessed lines of dozens of people impassively waiting for up to an hour to receive a free biscuit. Offered with any purchase of a grande latte. 

Or a cappuccino.

I have observed with astonishment, and great approbation - a long snaking queue of people line up to receive the gift of a pencil, with any spend of more than ten dollars. I have beheld the visible delectation of Singaporeans basking in the glory of receiving an upsize of their fries after cashing in a coupon that has been carefully cut from the morning newspaper.

In Singapore there would appear to be no finer a fare than a gratuitous feast. There is no greater a gift than a complimentary token. 

No matter how long the wait.

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