20 November 2012


It's a funny thing Facebook. The whole concept of social media is still a bit alien to me. 

It's a bit strange. 

I am not quite comfortable with it yet. I have only recently joined Facebook and I am not yet very active. I have only got 25 Facebook friends. I don't think that's very many compared to lot of people. I'd like to think that I have been very selective but perhaps maybe it's just that I am not very popular.

Of those 25 people I know 22 of them. That is I have actually met them. The other three are friends of friends. In fact one of my connections is an organization. It is an entity. It interests me though which is why I 'friended' it. I befriended the other 2 people who I haven't actually met because they interest me too.

Since I joined Facebook I have had quite a lot of friend requests. They arrive on almost a daily basis. Some of these requests have been from people in my distant past but many are from complete strangers. I have hesitated with most of these requests. I have baulked. I haven't rejected them but I have just ignored them. I have always been careful with choosing my friends. 

The concept of friendship is important to me. It always has been. Care and trust come into play and so too does affection. I need to actually feel a connection for someone to feel like a friend. 

Not just wish for one. 

Never just hope for one. 

I need to like someone in order to be their friend. Now that's an old school 'like' and not a Facebook one.  I haven't yet connected on Facebook with most of my old and long standing friends. I am sure that I will at some point but I talk to most of these people all the time. We liaise and communicate privately. 

Not so that the whole world can see.

I have a lot a acquaintances and I met new people almost every day. I like meeting new people. I'm a people person. However most of my acquaintances are not really friends. Not by my definition. They are just people I know. It doesn't mean that I don't like them but I don't think I would let most of them all the way into my real world and I am a little reluctant to let them into my cyber world either.

I am hesitant.

I don't think that I am using Facebook properly either. All I have done really is post some random thoughts. Some erroneous spur-of-the-moment comments. If someone who doesn't actually know me reads what I've posted they would probably think I am a nut. Perhaps a bit deranged. I might be. However I don't really give a fuck what such people may think. I never really have. That's one of my many problems. 

It's likely a character flaw. 

It's probably why I only have 25 Facebook friends too.

I must say though that the voyeur in me has enjoyed peeking into the lives of some of my Facebook friends. I can see into the lives of some of their friends too. I can see why a lot of people are right into it. I see the attraction. Technology allows for it and indeed it encourages it. I don't judge them for it. 

I try not to judge at all.

One of my very best friends is a Facebook fiend. He is a Facebook fanatic. He loves it. He really loves it. It surprised me when I first looked into his cyber world. He has many Facebook friends. Hundreds and hundreds of them. He shouts his daily actions to everyone out there with images and all. I can see what he eats for his breakfast. He gets a lot of 'likes'. He 'likes' a lot of comments. He is pretty gobby in the real world too. He always has a lot to say. 

Odds are he'll have something to say about this as well.

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