7 November 2012

Odd Observations of an Australian Exat in Asia

I am an expat. I am voluntarily trapped on the guinea pig wheel of the Asian/Middle East work circuit. It is hard to get off. We are from all around the world. We on this wheel. We are many and shift like sands. 

I am one of the We. 

I expatriated myself from Australia. My homeland is a BIG country.  It is very empty. It still feels a little small to me. Maybe just a little small minded. 

At times. 

It needs to GROW UP a bit. 

Home is home though. It's where my heart is.

We expats predominantly work for Big business. Internationals. Mega Banks. Associated Financial Service companies. Oil and Gas. The BIG Real Estate boys. Construction Companies. Developers. Their Architects, Engineers, Accountants and Lawyers. Software and Hardware dudes. Doctors. Nurses. Hotel and Casino people. Insurers. Re-Insureres. Teachers. Academics. Scientists. Miners. Food and Beverage. GOVERNMENT (note the use CAPITALS. It emphasizes. Like italics)

NGO's employ a lot of expats. (note - capital letters are required for all acronyms. So I couldn't put "ngo". They otherwise would not be EMPHASIZED). 

There are also many expatriates who are makers, fixers and runners of Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

You generally get thrown around when on the circuit. Hong Kong. Tokyo. Shanghai. Dubai. Sydney. Bombay. Delhi. Manila. Jakarta. Bangkok. 

And Singapore. 

Where I now live. 

We travel a lot. 

We interact. 

There are some here in the East on stints from London, Geneva, Munich and New York. In the Finance GAME. From Rome, Milan, Moscow or Paris for those in FASHION. Scandinavia for the telecommunications hardware guys. 

Swedes from IKEA. 

Confounding furniture. 

Confounding people. 

A lot of the non-Asian global cities aren't booming anymore. They continue to suffer with the GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS. ASIA is it. 

It is the PLACE TO BE. 

For the moment at least. 

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