16 June 2013


It's 2.00am and I am dog tired but I can't sleep. I have been out tonight with my two dear Spanish friends Eduardo and his wife Conchita. They are passing through Singapore on their way to China.  They are on a stop over. Eduardo is a Professor of Environmental Science and Connie is a Marine Biologist. They devote their entire lives to lecturing on the effects of global pollution and the chronic and toxic effects that man is inflicting on our planet.

My head is spinning with the facts and figures that Ed and Connie have been telling me. Our planet is dying and Climate Change is an indisputable reality. The oceans are warming and sea levels are rising. Entire species of marine life are being rendered extinct by the saturation of biocides and pesticides that are leeching our lands. Toxic industrial waste and effluent is flooding into the great estuaries on all of the major continents and the burning of fossil fuels is choking the very air that we breathe. The ancient and vast forests of the Amazon are still being stripped bare by the thousands of acres each day. 

We are killing the planet on which we live.

Connie and Ed lobby Governments and Captains of Industry all around the world to try and convey this message but they told me tonight that it is probably too late and no-one is listening anyway. No-one of any note. They told me that even if the supposed super industrial nations like China and India and the United States of America could be convinced to stop their polluting right now it is likely that this earth upon which we live may not be able to recover. 

Too much damage may already have been done.

I worry not for myself but for my children - and for my children's children. What sort of world will they inherit?

I can't sleep. 

I am drowning in despair.

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