11 December 2012

A Break

This is probably going to be my last Post for a while. I am going to take a break. I am going back to Australia for Christmas. For a holiday. Three weeks worth. Yey. I am really looking forward to it. I live here alone. I don't mind it. Not too much anyway. Most of the time. I have a lot of good friends here in Singapore. My work colleagues are good fun. We laugh a lot at work. I carry on a bit about the English but I actually really like the ones I work with. I like them a lot. They are very good people. They are very good mates. It is probably the most fun workplace I have been in. Ever. I wouldn't tell them that though. 

They are egotistical Fuckers. 

It would go to their heads. 

I miss my family a lot though. I miss Australia too. Singapore is very small. It is a bit stayed. It is a lot weird. It drives me a tad crazy at times.

They all know that I blog. The English I work with. It was the girlfriend of one of these English that suggested it actually. She is a Kiwi. From New Zealand. Thanks Ally. You are a good sort. Ally suggested this to me when I went to a barbeque at her and Chris's house about 6 weeks ago. Chris is one of my better mates here on the Island. He is English but has been living in Singapore for a long time. Chris is a very funny geezer. Chris is a very big unit. His father was a policeman in London. 

The English refer to policeman as 'The Old Bill". I don't know why actually but I like the terminology. Chris can generally out banter me. That takes some doing. I can talk the leg off a chair. He cooked a leg of lamb on the barbie that night. He flambéed it in Old Monk. Old Monk is rum from India. It was spanking. The English use the term spanking for something really good. I have adopted it. It is spanking.

I have fun doing it. This blogging thing. It entertains me. I have always liked to write. I have always loved to read. Writing requires a bit more effort though. And I am lazy by nature. But it is better than watching TV. Singapore TV sucks. It is censored to hell. Nipples are banned in Singapore. As is beaver. You will never hear swearing on television. It is illegal.

They all give me shit about it though. About my blogging. These English at work. I am the brunt of their jokes. I don't give a fuck. I love it actually. I give as good as I get. I am a little amazed at who is reading this though. And why. My blog page has a counter thing on it. It tells me how many of my Posts have been read. And when. Tick. There goes another one. The Blog page thing tells me where these people reside. If I ask it. Four and a half thousand reads! Who would have thought? Who the hell are you? I have readers in the US. Singapore. England. Korea. Germany. France. Russia. Israel. Korea. India. The Netherlands. 

I have gone global. 

I know my mate Berty reads me. As does his wife Dana. They live in Las Vegas. In Nevada. Berty sends me emails telling me my stories make him laugh. I think even my serious ones. That is a bit of a worry. Hello Berty. Hello Dana. I miss you guys a lot. You know I love you both. Enormously. Unendingly. Unconditionally.

I write because it is sort of like a diary. It is mainly for me but I do get a bit of a buzz that other people might be interested. In my thoughts. My observations. Random as they might be. There is a bit of ego in this. I watch my counter sometimes. I don't often re-read what I have written. But I did just now. A few Posts anyway. I may sound like I am a bit of a nut but I hear my own voice in my writing. It is quite loud. It is in real life too. I am often told to tone it down a bit. And I think I would probably be poorly marked by a literature professor. 

The English at work tell me that sentences shouldn't start with a preposition. Or is it a supposition? I can't remember what either one is. And they should contain a verb. And they shouldn't start with the word 'and". I tell them it is my style. I tell them I don't give a fuck. 

It amuses me that they read them anyway. Just to critique me. 

I think I am victorious on that score.

But for the rest of you anonymous readers I thank you anyway. Just for reading. Your local TV must also suck. Even if it is not censored. Like it is here in Singapore. Regardless I am probably going to take a bit of a break. Remind myself of what life is like without a computer. I am going to do the same with my work stuff too. I will only occasionally check my Blackberry. I will take some time out with my loved ones. I will swim in the ocean. Bask in the Sun. I will mingle with the bogans. I will try and forget about work and Singapore for a while. I don't think that will be too difficult.

I might sneak the odd one in though. A Post. An Observation. A Comment. If I feel so inclined or if something stirs me. Or if I get a  little bored.

So I will be back. I will blog on. There is no doubt about it.

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