29 December 2012


I took some time out with my boy Tom today. Well he is not a boy anymore but he is my son and he is twenty years old. Tom looks like a man but he mostly still acts like a baby. I have decided that this is the way of modern youth - they are not very grown up. 

It is good to see Tom though as it has been 6 months since I last laid eyes on him and that was in Nepal. I took Tom there for his first visit. I thought that it was time for him to experience the Himalay and it’s beautiful people 

Tom works as an apprentice gardener and he digs and lifts all day in the Sun and sometimes in the rain. He looks healthy and he looks happy and these are two main and most important things in life.

Health and Happiness.

Tom loves his tattoos and he is all inked up and he is much pierced too. He has many of both and I don't really mind them. I think that they are just Art and a way of self expression - even though some mutilation and pain is involved and they are permanent. I think that they are already a little passé though but what do I know?

Tom gets a lot of his tattoos done in Singapore when he visits me as they are a fraction of the cost of tats back in Oz. Tom goes to a tattoo dude in the Bugis district.

So I shot the breeze a bit with Tom. We chewed the fat on the deck after our dinner. This was a good thing for youth move fast today and they move far and wide. Teenage children are like shadows in the night - they are out there somewhere.  

Tom told me he had a new girlfriend and her name is Cassie but he calls her Cass. He told me that he now spent a lot of time with her. Most of his time in fact.

I told him that I thought this was good and I asked Tom whether she was nice and what made her special. 

Tom replied without hesitation that she was nice and that she was special. 

When I asked why she was nice and special Tom told me that they completed each other's sentences. He told me that much of the time he and Cass knew what each other was thinking. 

I thought this was nice - potentially very annoying down the track - but it was really nice never the less and I said as such to Tom.

When I asked Tom whether he thought that Cass thought the same of him said that he was unsure. Tom was a little uncertain. So I suggested that perhaps after a while Tom could tell Cass about our conversation and he could tell her that he really liked her a lot.

If she asked why he could simply say "It is because we complete ...."

If she immediately cuts in and says, ".....each other's sentences" then that would be a very good thing indeed.

Tom agreed. 

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