8 December 2012


I had a tough one today. A long one too. No matter what time I lay my head at night I seem to wake up early. Sleep eludes me. When it comes is is often fitful. I toss and turn. I don't know why. I had a brutal bout of bloody Christmas shopping too. Today. There is more to do.


Amongst the Singaporean throngs. The Singaporean loves shopping malls at the best of times. They adore them during the festive season.

There are very strange Christmas creatures erected in Orchard Road. This is the main Tourist Shopping Centre in Singapore. I normally avoid the place. Like the plague. However I was seeking some specific items to take home as Christmas gifts. These items could only be acquired in Orchard Road. I have seen them there in previous years. These strange Christmas creatures. They are interspersed up and down Orchard Road. I suspect that they are a corrupted version of a Reindeer but to me they resemble a Christmas Moose. Perhaps a Christmas Cow. They are at least a couple of meters tall and are made of moulded plastic.

The Christmas Moose does exist. I just Googled them. They are a Canadian phenomena. The Singaporeans love these Orchard Road Christmas Moose. Or is it Mooses? Meese? Whatever they may be the locals are lined up ten deep to get their photo taken with them. They clog the walkways. I had to once again beat some with my umbrella to clear a path. The Singaporeans that is. Not the Moose. Shopping makes me grumpy at the best of times. 

It brings out the worst of me.

I am a little worried about what tomorrow might bring. Perhaps that might explain my restive nights. My sleeplessness. My insomnia. I still have a lot to do before I fly out in a few days time. For my annual holiday. If tomorrow is anything like today I am going to be exhausted. I will be battered. I tire just thinking about it. Yet I probably still won't be able to sleep.

I am not really a great planner. I never have been. I typically live for the moment and try not to give too much regard to the future. I don't think this is a good thing. Yet I don't really give a hoot. That's not so good either. This disregard. I should really give tomorrow a bit more consideration. I should do a little more planning.

My Mum reminds me often that I should think more about my future. I tell her that today will actually depart with tomorrow. I say Mum - by living in today I can bury the regrets of yesterday. Perhaps I can avoid the potential disappointments of tomorrow. She doesn't know how to respond to this. It is purposely cryptic. 

Let's see what it brings anyway. 


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