2 March 2013


I was thinking about writing something beautiful tonight. I was contemplating trying to weave together and bind words that are harmonious and melodious and poetic. I was considering penning some descriptions of such things as setting suns or stunning dawns. The exquisiteness that is the breaking of a new day - viewed from a pristine beach. It can be difficult to appropriately illustrate such magnificent visions as the sun's first rays reflecting off deep blue seas or the way that the setting sun basks some mountains with such a rich orange lustre that everything looks golden. Plain old words don't seem to do such things justice. Natural beauty sometimes just needs to be seen and felt. It needs to be experienced. It can't really be properly described.

I was wondering if I should even endeavor to chronicle the glorious spectacle that is the sight of dark purple blue storm clouds rolling in across an empty horizon. Like a massive moving bruise that engulfs the atmosphere. Or the way that lightning bolts crackle and clap and dazzle as they pierce the night sky. Those electrified hands of God reaching down to touch the earth with a passionate fury; with a background of booming thunder. Just to serve as a reminder that there is a power in the heavenly azure that can illuminate everything.


Are mere words enough to enunciate how sweet the air smells after a summer rain? How soft is the touch of the skin of a new born baby? Or how hauntingly alluring is the sound of monks chanting a mantra as temple bells chime and echo across a hidden Himalayan valley?

An English friend of our little charity in Nepal made a short film for us when he came up to the mountains with us last year. His name is Marcus and he is a film maker - a really good one. Marcus put it on YouTube for us as well. It is short and sweet and it demonstrates how visual images sometimes outweigh mere words. You can see it here on:


Speaking about beautiful things, come to Nepal if you want to and visit our little projects in Katmandu or in the Himalayan village of Katunje. It will brighten your life a little bit and it might even change it. It changed my life.

For the better

I was thinking about writing something beautiful tonight but words alone sometimes aren't quite adequate though for some things. They simply aren't capacious enough.

So I am not even going to try.

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