21 March 2013


I am watching a major Australian political drama unfold. I am watching it live on TV. I am going to record the date and the time. It is the 21st March 2013. Four ten in the afternoon. Eastern Standard Time.  The leader of the Opposition Party Tony Abbot has called for a vote of no confidence in Parliament. He is claiming that the people of Australia have no confidence in the leadership of Australia's current Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Julia Gillard is the leader of the Australian Labor Party. 

They are in Power.

In response to the vote of no confidence Julia Gillard has called her Party to a vote for leadership. This process is called caucus. It is a term used exclusively by the Labor Party and is a calling together of members of the Party to vote on matters of leadership and policy. Decisions are cast by ballot and outcomes are decided by the majority. Caucus on the matter of the Labor Party leadership will commence in less than an hour. 100 members of the Labor Party will vote as to who will be their Leader. Who in turn is Australia's Prime Minister.

It is speculated that Kevin Rudd is likely to nominate for Leadership of the Labor Party. He was once our Prime Minister. Julia Gillard ousted him. In a leadership ballot. Identical to the one that is about to happen. Kevin Rudd has been waiting in the shadows for exactly this moment. He has been patiently lurking and sulking. Now he is pouncing. The Rudd ousting was an historic moment in Australian politics. 

So is this.

A Federal election has already been called by the Gillard government for September the fourteenth. With all this shenanigans going on it will now likely be a lot earlier. Perhaps even very soon. I don't really like Tony Abbott. He comes across as being a bit smarmy and sneaky. I do like the Federal Senator Malcolm Turnbull though. He seems like a very smart and straightforward and nice bloke. I think he would be a good leader of the Liberal Party. I don't think that I am alone with such thoughts. 

I am one of many.

In my opinion whether Gillard survives this leadership challenge doesn't change the fact that the polls suggest that their government will be outvoted in the upcoming elections. They will be bought down. The polls show that the Liberal Party should get into Power. Quite easily. Probably with a big majority too.

The live coverage of this matter has just updated that caucus will commence in thirty one minutes. I am going to concentrate now and watch it unfold further in detail. I am going to soak it all in.

I am no longer a resident in Australia so I have an exemption not to vote. I exercised this exemption for the last election as I was unimpressed with both of the major Parties Leaders and Policy. I found them uninspiring. So I didn't vote at all. However if Malcolm Turnbull led the Conservative party then I think I would vote for him. 

I think I would have confidence in him.

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