5 April 2014

"E" is for Echoes

When I think of ripples I think of water and time. I envisage waves and motion. I have always loved waves and I always will. I grew up with the sound of them pounding the beach and washing the sand.

They lulled me to sleep.

I learned to swim not very long after I learned to walk. I splashed and floundered and then eventually began to swim in the green blue oceans of my homeland of Australia.

My dad taught me.

My love of the sea is as deep as these waters.

It is deeper.

Ripples conjure up images of those perfect concentric circles that spread out when you cast a pebble into a pond. Those hoops and loops that are dispersed in still waters are beautiful. I don't really know why but they touch and move me and they sometimes inspire me.

I have always liked echoes too. They are ripples of sound. I find noise bouncing back and reverberating quite magical and mystical and enchanting.

Echoes often make me laugh.

The wonderful Indian writer Rabindrinath Tagore wrote:

"These paper boats of mine are meant to dance on the ripples of hours and not reach any destination".

Tagore won the Noble prize for literature in the early 1900's and he danced with words.

He made them sing.

We make our own ripples in life - I discovered this a long time ago. Our every actions are like those circles that are created when we drop that pebble into the pond or when we shout into a valley and our voices boom back at us. These waves spread and disperse and they collide and distort. They impact like actions and reactions and they cause and effect.

Ripples and waves and echoes bouncing around delight me.

They really do.

Kindness and cruelty create ripples and love does too. These are waves of emotions. They are strong ones that are powerful forces.

Like echoes they reverberate and jounce and they reflect. They define who we really are.

They move and resound and they resonate. 

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