25 September 2013

The Broken First Vowel.

The letter before ‘b’ on my computer is not working - the first vowel. The keypud is deud. I must opt to use unother vowel und I huve chosen the letter ‘u’. It will sound like u cross between u New Zeulunder und u Germun which is not good ut ull. Both uccents ure un ubominution.

It is reully unnoying for me und it is sending the spell check function on my computer into un overdrive of confusion.

My mum does not upprove of me using profunity in my writing but this is reully reully pissing me off so fuck I suy und shit too. Bugger und bum us well. I hud no ideu thut the letter before ‘b’ was so prevulent.

Sorry for sweuring Mum. I must stop writing now. I cun’t tuke it uny more…..

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