31 May 2013

A Moment of Madness

I am battered, beaten, buggered, and bushed and every muscle in my body is aching. I did a walk this morning. It was a very big walk - a mega walk in fact. 

Twenty five kilometers. 

It was no stroll in the park. I walked in the blazing Singaporean sun in the steamy humidity. The walk was for a charity thing and was something that I signed up for a month ago. It was one of those events where someone asked me if I would participate in and I said, "Sure why not?'

We have all done it.

With the great benefit if hindsight it was a most regretful moment of madness. At the time it seemed so far in the future that it didn't warrant much thought and then it crept up. Suddenly and as it turned out horrifically and cruelly. I ache all over. 

I am in agony.

The charity walk was to raise funds for the Habitat for Humanity which is a very good cause. The Habitat for Humanity build houses for impoverished people in Third World countries. The challenge was for teams of four people to walk 100 kilometers in relay. It started at 5.00pm yesterday and went through until noon today. In my team I drew the last leg and I started walking at 6.30 am and finished at about 11.00am. I reeled and staggered over the line and it dam nearly killed me. I may still die tonight. Even typing on this keyboard hurts and I have blisters that are the size of walnuts on both my feet. The muscles in my legs are twitching and they are occasionally going into spasm. 

I am all weak and a trembling.

The term 'Third World" arose during the 'Cold War'. The 'Cold War' was basically a non-war between the Soviet Union and the United States of America where both nations threatened to blow each other up with horrific nuclear devices. Evil world-ending nuclear devices. This was in the fifties and sixties and thankfully it never eventuated. 

We would not be here otherwise.

However it might yet happen. There are lunatics that appear to have escaped the asylum and they are in Power across the globe. There are mad politicians in places like North Korea and Syria and in many countries in the Middle East. They are in Power too in the United States and in my homeland of Australia as well. The weapons of mass destruction at their disposal is frightening and war abounds across the planet. The thought of this and simply watching the News on the television sometimes terrifies me.

It appalls me and makes me fear for my children. 

It really does.

"First World' countries are considered to be the United States of America and their European allies and "Second World" countries are the communist block countries that once included Russia, China and Cuba. "Third World" countries are the residual impoverished nations that include Nepal, Cambodia and quite a few African nations. "Third World" countries are places where people starve and there are limited opportunities for education and opportunity.

Ironically Russia is now a "First World" country for there is much wealth and prosperity and opportunity for it’s populace now that communism has been dissolved. On face value the USA are a 'Third World" nation as their national debt is in the trillions of dollars. They are an economic basket case where poverty and unemployment is rampant and opportunity is a thing of the past for many people.

The Big Walk was a circuit around the Gardens by the Bay in the Marina Bay district of Singapore. I may occasionally bitch and moan about life here but the central business district development that the Singaporeans have constructed around the Marina Bay district is stunning. It is world class. I took this photo on the first lap of my walk whilst I was still able to physically function. It looks like a postcard but I assure you that the photo is mine. I snapped it on my Blackberry.

The building on the far left is the Marina Bay Sands casino and hotel and just to the right of it is a cluster of three high rise offices called the Marina Bay Financial Centre. This is the new financial district of the Island. Think Wall Street if you are an American.

Actually if you are a Banker who works on Wall Street just try and think. Stop sending the world into global financial crises. 

You greedy fuckers. 

You will be the ruination of us all.

I work in Tower Two of the Marina Bay Financial Centre but I am not a Banker or a Trader and I am rarely greedy.

Some people may think that I am a fucker though. 

I don't give a shit.

The strange shell-like building in the centre of the photo is the Art Science museum. It is a gorgeous construction. On the far right of the photo is the Singapore Flyer. It is the big wheel and it is bigger than the big wheel in London. I have never been on it and I never will. 

I can't see the point.

In the Gardens by the Bay there is an amazing architectural achievement that has been developed by the Singaporeans and it cost billions of dollars to construct. I know that I shouldn't load too many images on these articles as I prefer words to images however this construction has to be seen to be believed. It is an incredible and enormous garden with strange electronic trees and two enormous greenhouse type buildings that house an incredible array of plants. When I say enormous I mean gigantic. 

They are humungous.

There are meandering walkways throughout these buildings and it is like walking into a magical garden. I have never seen anything like it before. It is dazzling, it is absolutely amazing and it is incredibly beautiful.

Here are some pictures of the magical gardens. I did not take these on my Blackberry. I grabbed them off the Internet.

Be prepared to be amazed for these are surely one of the modern wonders of the world.

Pretty impressive huh?

I have had to pause as my left leg has gone into a violent spasm and then sudden cramps. I have had to lay on the floor and press my foot against the wall to make the cramping stop. I have screamed aloud in pain but there is none here to listen to me or to help me. I rarely suffer in silence and my pain threshold is also very low. I would like to run a hot bath and soak in it for a long while but I have no energy to do so. I am still laying on the floor and I am typing this with my Mac perched on my chest. I feel more spasms and cramping coming but this time in my right leg. I am preparing to scream again. Ouch would be a very vast understatement. 

I am in excruciating pain.

I just received an email from the Organizer of the Big Walk thanking all we participants for taking part. There were only seven teams of four involved in the Big Walk but we collectively raised more than $60,000 for the Habitat for Humanity. We raised this money from people who sponsored us and through direct donations. Quite a few people pledged money only if I personally completed my twenty five kilometers. They doubted that I could do it and at times I doubted it myself.

Exercise and physical exertion is not my forte.

In his email the Organizer of the Big Walk wrote that he hoped that we all had fun during the event and that we would participate again next year. When I am able to muster the energy I will write back to tell him that I am laying on the floor with blisters the size of walnuts on both of my feet and I am unable to move. I am going to advise him that my legs are cramping and spasming and that I am screaming in agony. I will inform him that the Big Walk was no fun at all for me and there is absolutely no way in the world that I will put myself through such torment again. 

I am too old and fat and unfit for this sort of shit. 

I will inform the Organizer that I will assist in some other sedentary fashion.

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