24 February 2013

The Aftermath

Russia 1. Ireland 0.

It was a cakewalk really. It was a no contest. I left last night's soiree not too long after the convergence and I was home before 1.00 am. I did however do a follow up of the evening's events and the Russian's were victorious.




I tried to rouse some of the Irish before noon this morning. None of them were answering their phones but I eventually got onto one late this afternoon. His voice was weak and trembling. He was audibly shaken and he muttered "those fookin Ruskis" a number of times. The Russians on the other hand were texting me from 9.00am. They were still out and were taking breakfast. They had switched from vodka to black coffee but they were mocking the Irish and their lack of stamina on the drinking front. On all fronts really.

They were not impressed.

The Russian's took up the drinking challenge last night at the convergence with their normal no-fuss nonchalance. The Irish daringly switched from their preferred swill of Guinness to the Russian vodka and it was a knock out blow.


The Soviet-Gaelic collective moved on to the Marina Bay Sands not long after I left the group. I departed from the Post Bar in the Fullarton Hotel as they moved to the Dom nightclub in the Sands. The Dom night club is owned by the Russians and I suspect that it is also operated by the Russian mafia - perhaps in conjunction with the Singaporean mafia. Both are forces to be reckoned with. I have been to the Dom once before.

Once was enough.

It was very loud.

It was very gregarious.

I shall never set foot in the place again.

Anyway, I won't go into the details. The Russians are still standing – they are dancing actually. A number of the Irish remain missing in action. I will try and track them down tomorrow and I will serve it up to them.

To be sure. To be sure.

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