10 February 2013

Shooting the Messenger

Brilliant! My last Post has attracted a lot of hate mail. This has mostly been from Americans. From gun Lobbyists, zealots and some Marine types. I even received a hate letter from a Fireman. Are American Firemen also armed? I guess so. And yes Doris - I know I will likely burn in Hell. Your daily reminders about this really aren't all that necessary. You forget that I live in Singapore - I am burning already.

Some of the emails I received are a little disturbing so at night now I keep my curtains closed. Just in case. I am a bit fearful that a red dot will appear on my forehead. A laser sight. The reach of the US Gun lobbyists is long.

My best mate Berty wrote me an email correcting a few errors that were in my last post. Berty lives in Nevada but he remains proudly Australian. Berty has opted not to bear arms although I would imagine the urge to shoot some of his neighbors is powerful.

I have met some of them before.

Berty informed me that it is in fact the American Bill of Rights that grants its citizens liberties and the First Amendment to this Bill grants Freedom of Speech. The Second Amendment deals with the right to bear arms. Berty informed me that we are almost exclusively given two. Arms that is. Left and Right. 

Nice one mate. Give my love to Dana. I miss you both.

Ironically in India there is a right not to bare arms. It is not a Right at all actually. It is a Requirement and it applies only to women. In Hindi temples arms must be covered at all times.

In one email I received - in what was a very long diatribe – an American Gun Lobbyist informed me that the only thing that will stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun. I have heard this argument before. If neither the bad person nor the good person had guns then they wouldn't be able to shoot each other at all. Would they?

Guns are not allowed in Singapore – at least not for citizens. There are no shootings here and there are no mass slaughtering. Interestingly though I was recently informed that one of Singapore's biggest industries and exports is in fact ammunition. They make a lot of bullets for the Americans and for the British too. It is their quiet contribution to war mongering and they make a fortune out of it.

There are guns in Australia although ownership of any weapons is very restricted. We have Gun Laws. Guns are required by many farmers in Australia. They are needed to shoot vermin. This includes kangaroos. Kangaroos cause a lot of damage on rural properties and they taste good too.

The weapon of choice in Australia seems to be the knife. This is a bit alarming although it is mostly bad guys stabbing other bad guys with these weapons. These men are referred to as bogans in my country. They are also considered vermin. The bogan's choice to eradicate their species by stabbing each other in the face isn't such a bad form of population control.

I quite like it actually.

I received a couple of hate mails too regarding my comment that the US are invaders and occupiers of foreign lands and particularly countries that happened to be rich in oil. It is to my great shame that there are also Australian troops involved in these atrocities. I personally do not agree with the Australian Government on our involvement in these wars. We have our own oil.

We have plenty. 

One Reader informed me that these American Troops were fighting in far away foreign lands for the freedom of oppressed people. Whilst this sounds very noble it carries no weight. Why aren't American troops then bombing China or North Korea? These are countries where Human Rights and atrocities have been carried out for decades.

Look also in your own back yard Americans. Look long and hard.

Now all of this is my own opinion and I am simply exercising my own freedom of speech. Send me all the hate mail you want.

I love it. 

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