15 February 2013


I am at the airport and am about to leave Kathmandu. I am returning to Singapore. 

Today is the festival of Saraswoti Puja in Nepal. It is a Hindi festival for children. It is all about the celebration of Learning. Children are running around Kathmandu and all over Nepal. Little girls in bright yellow saris are offering small bunches of flowers at the Temples - for the Goddess Saraswoti. 

Saraswoti is the goddess of Learning and Knowledge and Wisdom. She is associated with Creative Arts, Dancing, Poetry, Singing and Music.

She is a Party girl.

The name Saraswoti loosely translates into the word for "flow”. She is often associated with Rivers and Water. Saraswoti was the companion of Brahmin and images often show her sitting on a white lotus flower. 

She flies around on a White Swan. 

Nice Huh? 


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