20 January 2013

The Reply

Dear You

Thanks for your letter. Yes it has been awhile. Too long actually. And I was thinking about you only the other day. Yes it is true I have been a bit melancholy of late but it is nothing to worry about though. Really. I always feel a bit flat at this time of year. I think it is just because I look forward so much to going back to Oz for Christmas and my time there seems to pass so quickly. You know how much I love the beach. You are quite right about home always being there. It is reassuring to know that I have somewhere to return to. I will return one day but I probably not for a while yet. 

I have a bit more wandering to do.

Anyway life in Singapore is just fine. It is a funny place to live in just because it is so small. It is a very transient place too. So many people come and go. I have many good friends here though and I lack for nothing. Yes I have never really lacked for anything and my life thus far has been a very fortunate one. I do hope that I don't take things for granted still. I still ask a lot of questions and I mostly speak my mind. I try and do no harm and I continue to talk to strangers. 

My cup remains half full.

A friend sent me a great letter today. You would have liked it. It was by the English Poet Laureate Ted Hughes. It was written to his son. You know how much I like his works. The letter from Ted was advising his adult child to "embrace his childish self" - in order to live his life to the fullest. It was one of the most beautiful things I have read for a long long time. It both touched and inspired me. Ted advised his son to "live like a mighty river" and I am going to do this myself. 

I hope you will too. 

I know you will.

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