27 October 2012

Walking the walk Singapore style

The Singaporean is a slow walker. Agonizingly so. I catch the train (MRT) to Raffles each day then walk to my office in Marina Bay. It is often the most frustrating part of my day. I am used to crowded cities - I have lived in them all around the world. The Singaporean crowd is however an unique beast. It is massive and crushing and it moves sluggishly. Pedestrians are prone to veering suddenly.

Making passing difficult. 

Sometimes impossible. 

A large proportion of Singaporeans also swing their arms whilst they walk. It is like they are marching to an invisible beat. They sometimes stop suddenly and in unlikely places like at the top - or at the bottom of escalators. There appears to be a lack of spatial awareness. People often collide. They bang into each other whilst reading messages on their mobile phones.

I used to drive here. Singaporeans drive like they walk. Erratically and unpredictably. They veer while they steer. Driving my car was the most exciting daily activity in which I partook. I have stopped driving here now. 

It is simply too dangerous.

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